Lophophora williamsii: music

References concerning peyote music and Icaros, magic melodies among Ayahuasceros:

This fascinating area deserves a work unto itself. This is an incomplete list. Many of the peyote music references were included by LaBarre and I have been unable to obtain copies. 

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The Library of Congress offers several Native American music assemblages that each contain one peyote song (along with other songs): Tape and booklet; $8.95 ea. plus p & h. [Check for current pricing]

    AFS L 35 Kiowa

    AFS L 40 Sioux

    AFS L 41 Navajo

Woodward, Hope Draper (1991) M.A. Thesis University of Texas at Austin. “Ashaninca Shamanic Healing Ritual and Song.”

Peyote Music

Available on Audio Tapes or on LPs (A partial listing) 

The following recordings are what has been encountered in print.
Inclusion here does not necessarily mean that they are still available or that the current offerings are necessarily limited to these; please inquire before ordering. Some are available on CD.

All record labels are from Rätsch 1998.

Cheyenne Peyote Songs. Volumes 1 and 2. (Rätsch lists Indian House, 1975 for a single entry) [C, D]

Crow Dog’s Paradise. Songs of the Sioux. (Richard Erdoes) Album EKS-74091; Elektra: New York.

Comanche Peyote Songs. Volumes 1 and 2. [D]

Guy and Allen. Volumes 2 through 4. [D]

Healing and Peyote Songs in Sioux and Navajo. [Primeaux, Mike and Attson] (Canyon Records, 1994) [C]

Healing Songs in Navajo (by Jimmy Knight) [B]

Huichol Sacred Music/Musica y Canto Ceremonial Huichol [Mother Eagle Kaili] (Paraiso, 1995) [C]

Indiens Yaquis: Musique et dances rituelles. (Arion, 1978) [C]

Intertribal Morning Peyote Songs. Volumes 1 and 2. [D]

Intertribal Peyote Chants. Volumes 1 through 6. [Bill Denny Jr.] (Rätsch lists 1984 Canyon Records) [D, C, D]

The Kiowa Peyote Meeting. (Ethnic Folkways Records, 1973) [C]

Kiowa Peyote Songs. [Kaulaity, D. Kozd, J. Kozd] (also offered by B; artists given as Kaulaity & Cozad) [B, D]

Lord’s Prayer Songs. [Alfred Armstrong] [D]

Musical atlas: Mexico (EMI Records, 1982) [C]

Music of the plains: Apache (Asch Records, 1969) [C]

Musiques Mexicaines (Ocora Disques. o.J.) [C]

Old Peyote Songs (by various artists) [B]

Navajo Peyote Ceremonial Songs. Volumes 1 through 4. (Rätsch gives Indian House 1981 for Vol. 1) [B, C, D]

Navajo Peyote Songs. [Kevin Lewis.] [D]

Navajo Peyote Songs. Volume 2. [Kevin Lewis] [D]

Navajo Wildcat Peak. Volumes 1 through 5. [Vols. 1, 3 and 4 are morning songs.] [D]

Navajo Wildcat Peak Youth. [D]

Peyote – A Collection. [D]

Peyote Brothers. [Guy & Allen] (Soar Sound of America Records, 1993) [C]

Peyote Canyon. [Guy & Allen] (Soar Sound of Records, 1991) [A, C, D]

Peyote early Morning Chants (by Daukei & Chester) [B]

Peyote Prayer Songs. Volumes 1 and 2. [W. Van Horn, E. Barker, A.C. Clark] [D]

Peyote Songs from Navaholand [Billie Nez] (Soar Sound of America Records, 1992; Spalax Music, 1993) [C]

Peyote Strength. [Guy & Allen] (Soar Sound of America Records, 1994) [C]

Peyote Songs from Rocky Boy. Volumes 1 through 3. [The Parker Singers] (Canyon Records, 1978) [B, C, D]

Peyote Songs. Volume 2. [Everette Barker] [D]

Ponca Peyote Songs. Volumes 1 through 3. [D]

Primeaux & Mike. [Peyote songs in Sioux and Navajo] (B offers Primeaux & Mike Volumes 1-7) [B, D]

Primeaux, Mike and Attson. Volumes 2 and 3. [D]

Songs of the Native American Church. Volumes 1 and 2. [Volume 2; Billy McClellan Sr.] [D]

32 Cheyenne Peyote Songs [Grover Turtle and Sam Sweezy] (Indian Records, 1979) [C]

Walk in Beauty: Healing Songs of the Native American Church. [Primeaux and Mike] (Canyon Records, 1995) [C]

Yankton Sioux Peyote Songs. Volumes 1 through 8. (Rätsch list Indian House, 1976 for a single entry) [A, B, C]


A: The Basement Shaman, P.O. Box 1255, Elgin, IL, 60121. [tape & CD]

B: The Peyote Foundation, POBox 778, Kearny, AZ 85237.

C: Listed by Rätsch 1998

D: Listed in October 1995 by Richard Wood’s: Wooden Penny Trading Post; 409-297-8953, FAX 409-265-6813. [Literature obtained at an Intertribal Pow-wow in Austin, Texas.]

Ayahuasca Music available on Audio Tapes

Luna, Luis Eduardo (ed.) (199?) “Music the Plants Taught Us.” (Audio tape of ayahuasca icaros; offered through many sources including the Basement Shaman.)

Rivas, Augustin. “Canto Musica Ayahuasca en la Silva de Peru: Agustin Rivas.” (Tape available through the Basement Shaman.)

Vasquez, Luis Panduro (2000) Ayahuasca Songs from the Peruvian Amazon. Colibri Publishing. (70 minute CD.)

See Rätsch 1998 for more.