San Pedro

      Until such time as I can bring the current version of the actual contents online here, this page will be limited to a link to the corresponding PDF file. (To answer a frequent question, yes, there IS a much newer and *greatly expanded* digital edition of this book that already exists. It will be added to this website as soon as time permits.)


 San Pedro & related Trichocereus species
2006 edition

   The PDF available through the link below contains the complete 392 page version of the *full color original* with nearly 900 photographs & Neil Pike’s beautiful cover art. (The hard copy book was printed in B&W due to a limited production budget but the work was created in color.)
This PDF also includes some valuable post-press edits and an abridged copy of Trout’s light-hearted commentary
Pachanoi or pachanot?” [separate PDF]

San Pedro 
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San Pedro

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  Moksha still (as of September 2018) has inventory of the original black & white perfectbound printing for $25 including domestic shipping in the USA and offers discounts for wholesale purchases.
The San Pedro book is also readily available on-line, both new and used, through Amazon, or through Abe’s Books and other fine book vendors. For some unclear and bizarre reason, used copies of the San Pedro book are often being sold for several times the new price offered by the producer!  I’ve heard of people paying $75 for the very same thing that Moksha sells in the USA for $25 postage-paid.