Sacred Cacti 4th edition; references

The master list of references
used for all volumes of
Sacred Cacti 4th edition.

This references list is still in progress and will continue to be modified during the editing process. If anything new has not been added yet and you need to know it now; drop me an email.


References for Sacred Cacti Fourth Edition

Part A: The mescaline containing species

Part B: San Pedro & related Trichocereus species

Part C: Cactus Chemistry

    Section 1: Cactus Alkaloids

    Section 2: Cactus Chemistry: By Species

The propagation & cultivation of cacti

Some Other Succulents


[Brackets around a title indicates it is an English translation of the actual title. ]

Incomplete citations or the use of the qualifier “From” usually indicates that the paper listed was a second-hand reference. This means that this work was unavailable to us and was among the references that were cited by our information source.

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