The Cactus Alkaloids

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Trout’s reference classic from 1997
is now available in an
updated and expanded version!


     Cactus Alkaloids 2013 edition details all of the known cactus alkaloids including phenethylamines, isoquinolines and imidazoles.

     In 2013, The Cactus Alkaloids was made complete with the relocation of several chapters that were formerly contained within the pages of the main body of Sacred Cacti: specifically the chapters concerning mescaline, its pharmacology, toxicity, assays and useful reagents. Prior to that date, those entries were part of the main body of Sacred Cacti rather than in The Cactus Alkaloids (where they belong).

[3 Dec. 2013 PDF 27.7 mb]

384 pages with 80 color photographs


The Cactus Alkaloids



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